Nature reserve De Westhoek

Nature reserve De Westhoek - 1 Nature reserve De Westhoek (May 2022) - #2

"The Nightingale" is the perfect location for a walk through one of the dunes on the west coast.

At the desk you can find a lot of nature and area information.

The interactive permanent exhibition introduces you to sea, beach and dunes and how the coastal region came about, the nature areas on the west coast and the maintenance. For younger visitors there are customized 'assignments'. In the natural garden you will discover 11 dune habitats with their typical flora.

The center also has a cafeteria and a terrace overlooking the natural garden. From the 1st of June till the 15th of September there are walking activities en the first weekend of October is in the spirit of the annual Nature festival.

Furthermore Nature reserve De Westhoek is near the following sights: Scharbiellie culture house (±750 m), Plopsaqua (±900 m), Bowl Inn De Panne (±900 m), Plopsaland (±1,2 km) & Royal Sand Yacht Club (±1,6 km).

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